..Single Phase Stabilizers DRAGN Series

  • Infinite Lifetime
      It is a static voltage regulator that does not contain moving parts in its body. Voltage regulation is performed by microprocessor-controlled digital technology for milliseconds. There are no parts that are worn out and old in time. In conventional servo motor voltage regulators, however, mechanical friction parts such as engine collectors, variable transformer brushes, brush beds show a rapid wear. In continuous operation under load, the transformer surface is heated, abraded and even voltage disconnected and burn. Datadigital-SVR Static Voltage Regulators Thanks to its high-performance microprocessor and powerful feedback control algorithm, it protects itself and the load it feeds in abnormal situations such as over-current, over-temperature and short-circuit in dangerous low and high voltage of the mains voltage. RFI and EMI filter are standard . In today's modern digital age, especially in many emerging economies, power demand usually leads to high voltage fluctuations, and sudden collapses. Failure to observe these power irregularities may result in malfunction of the utility equipment. Our Voltage Regulators continuously monitor the incoming electrical network and automatically control the output voltage to ensure that the voltage reaching the load equipment remains constant at the required voltage in the event of a voltage surge or drop. Built-in protection also ensures that the load is constantly protected against high-energy fluctuations, sudden surges and transient currents.

  • High Reliability, High Speed Correction (5000V/Sec.), High Inrush Current
      Datadigital-SVR Series, Static Voltage Regulators are fully microprocessor, thyristor controlled and works with digital technology. When there are abnormal conditions like over voltage, low voltage, overcurrent, over-heat and output short-circuit, stabilizer protects itself and its load. RFI and EMI filters are available as standard. Datadigital-SVR Series, Static Voltage Regulators instantly feel the change in the mains voltage and set the output voltage in the range of 220V + 2% within 20 milliseconds. Datadigital-SVR Series, Static Voltage regulators perform voltage regulation with static elements (thyristor) in the ZERO TRANSFER logic with STEP_UP / DOWN method. Current transfer is zero-pass. Therefore, it does not contain harmonics.

  • Technical Specifications

    Single Phase Stabilizers
    Three Phase Stabilizers
  • | Protection Function | Over-Low Voltage Protection;

    It helps to limit the highest and lowest voltage values for the loads connected to the device. The user can control these values and cut-off time of the voltage that goes to the loads by using the front panel in case of exceeding the values.

    Overcurrent - Output Short-Circuit Protection ;

    If the nominal currents to be drawn by the power of the device are above the setted current tolerance values and the current and time graphs are exceeded the protection is activated. protection is provided by questioning the difference of the rate of rise of the current in the table values.

    SAG-SURGE Protection;

    It is an 'effective protection circuit' which protects the receivers against sudden collapse, rise and thousands of volts spikes in microseconds. “Effective protection circuit” generally operates in the form of both symmetrical and asymmetric voltage branches. Effective protection circuit; The three-stage protection circuit consisting of fast-response suppressor diodes is supported by coarse protection with the varistors in the middle protection stage and the strong gas overvoltage conductors. Protection stages separated from each other by ohmic resistors. This allows the power to be optimally distributed in the protection circuit when the overvoltages are suppressed and the pulse currents need to be deflected.